Mouse Henchmen are supporting characters of The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature. They are Mr. Feng's army.

Official Profile


They are white mouse like Mr. Feng. They have brown eyes, buck teeth, 2 whiskers, pink ears, nose, hands, feet and tails.


The mouse army is the prime means of defense for Liberty Park.

Once upon a time they used to live peaceful and happily in their former park home before Mayor Muldoon turned it into a golf course and forced them into China town. Since then they've trained hard in the arts of Kung Fu so that the same thing would never happen again. When Surly and Buddy first met them they were angry at them for trespassing and calling their boss Mr. Feng cute. After they escaped they vowed revenge.

Later when Surly came for their help they were only interested in making them pay for earlier but upon listening to Surly's pleas and his reasons to ask for their help they realize that they were behaving the same way Mayor Maldoon and that if they didn't stand by Surly, Liberty Park and the animals who live in it would suffer a fate worse then being banished; being exterminated.

Now focusing their anger towards getting revenge on Mayor Muldoon, they help the animals tear down the dangerous theme park and when Surly defeats Muldoon, they attack him and bite him before the selfish man is arrested for his selfish and dangerous plans.

When Liberty Park is restored, Mr. Feng and his friends moved into the park and practice the art of Tai Chi, finally reconnecting with their peaceful selves now that justice has finally be served.


Early Life

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature


Mr. Feng

The mouse army is under the command of Mr. Feng.


The mouse army first meets Surly in the alleyway when he and Buddy are looking for precious. They are scared when Surly yells Cat but then go after him and Buddy when realizing there is no cat. Later on when Surly comes back they agree to help him get rid of LibertyLand to reclaim Liberty Park. By gaining Surly and Andie's trust, they are allowed to live in Liberty Park.


As said before they first meet Buddy in the alleyway with Surly, but then chase them off after being tricked by Surly about a cat. Later Buddy is seen with them practicing Tai Chi, showing he is interested in learning the technique.


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