Cardinal is a tertiary antagonist of The Nut Job.

Official Profile


Cardinal has red feathers, black tips on the tail fathers, a large yellow beak, and black beady eyes.



Early Life

The Nut Job



Cardinal and Raccoon have a very close relationship. Despite Raccoon's selfishness, he does care deeply for his pet Cardinal. Cardinal does whatever he can to help Raccoon in his evil plans, as they are very similar in personality. Raccoon dislikes it when someone harms Cardinal. For example, when Surly defeated Cardinal by flinging him into a cat house, this made Raccoon horrified and enraged, and this made Raccoon want to kill Surly even more.


Cardinal and Mole were initially allies, as Raccoon hired him to sabotage Surly's plan to keep the nut heist from succeeding. But they became enemies when Raccoon double-crossed Mole, and this made him leave Raccoon's side and join Surly's.


Cardinal and Surly are enemies. Due to Surly being Raccoon's nemesis, Cardinal feels the same contempt for Surly. They both have a strong dislike for each other, and Cardinal was know for constantly attacking Surly. However Surly did manage to defeat Cardinal, which only enraged Raccoon.


Cardinal and Precious are also enemies, because she is on Surly's side.


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