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Andie is the deuteragonist of The Nut Job and a supporting character of The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature.

Official Profile


Andie is an orange squirrel with cream fur on her torso, stomach and cheeks, red-orange marks around her eyes, a V-shaped tuft of cream fur on her chest, rose pink eyeshadow, and peridot green eyes and brown hands and feet.


Andie is a very responsible squirrel who may look beautiful but be careful, if you mess with her boyfriend or park family then you will be on the receiving end of her claws and teeth.


Early Life

The Nut Job

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature



In first film, Surly was nothing but an arrogant jerk who Andie did not like but as the film progressed Andie's influence on Surly started to take hold cause Surly wanted to impress Andie later on.

In second film, Andie is the current leader of Liberty Park cause Raccoon is gone, she does not appreciate Surly playing with the park animals in the nut shop, later she realizes what Surly is capable of and falls in love with him and gives him control of Liberty Park once again becoming a second in command


Andies friendship with Buddy is a strong one due to Buddy being Surly's best friend. In The Nut Job 2, she was really concerned when Surly came back carrying his friend who looked dead. She shows comfort and healing for surly cause Buddy is a great friend just as much as surly is to her.


Andie's friendship with Precious is one sided, while she appreciates the protection the dog gives for the park, she rarely interacts with her, the only thing she uses Precious for is as a mount to ride on.


Andie and Jamie seem to be good friends as seen in The Nut Job 2 when they try to find a new place to live, she and Jamie both appreciate the New park even though it was a golf course


Similar to the friendship she has with precious, her friendship with Jimmy is one sided due to him and his brother being annoying from time to time, but if she needs muscle for a job or to protect the park then Jimmy won't hesitate to help.


Another one sided friendship, but if she needs protection for the park then Johnny will definitely be there for assistance


Just like how he was when racoon was the leader, mole remains as the advisor to Andie and surly, helping them out in tough situations.


Andie has no major friendship with Frankie besides being the Aunt to his puppies.


In the first film Andie is NOT interested in going out with Grayson AT ALL, sure she teams up with him just because racoon said to but she wants nothing to do with him other than collect nuts for the park.


At first Andie believed everything that racoon said cause he was the leader of the park and he always looked out for them, but later she finds out that he only used her to get food for himself and not the whole park.

Mr. Feng

At first Andie is confused about why surly was asking a city mice for help but after hearing a motivational speech by Feng and surly, she agrees to work along with him. Andie depends on Feng and his Army to defend the park from danger.

Memorable Quotes (The Nut Job)

Memorable Quotes (The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature)

  • "This is not what animals do. We work hard, we store, we save. Look at all of you. Lazy and spoiled and fat".
  • "The animals are losing their instincts. They're not gathering or storing anything for winter, and they're not working together".
  • "It's okay. It's okay. We'll be fine. We'll just go back to scrounging and gathering like nature intended. This will be a good thing".
  • "You're right. You should hang back. Wouldn't want everybody to see that Surly Squirrel has lost his instincts".
  • "Better make it two 'cause I am not sharing".


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